Television at Limbach in Mayen - a feeling of Hollywood ;-)

For a reportage of the national show of the southwest radio over the middle class pilot RLP became the Limbach GmbH selected by the SWR in Mainz for shooting. On 26.10.2016 we could welcome the television team in our company. The film was shot in our production halls.

The background of our consultations with Mr. Eckart Helfferich, the Mittelstandslotsen in Rhineland-Palatinate, Since 2006, the state government RLP has been offering companies in the country this special assistance in seeking free and confidential advice from a voluntary SME. In his function, Helfferich advises companies, accompanies major investment projects and sensitises the public administration to the interests of the middle class.

After a successful year in 2016, where orders had to be rejected for capacity reasons, the Limbach GmbH Change and restructuring measures are inevitable in the coming years. In order for the right considerations and decisions to be made, we have presented our concerns and thoughts to Mr. Helfferich and worked with him to develop initial strategies to create opportunities for further development for our company.

In order to ensure that important steps and thoughts are not lost in the upcoming process of restructuring, the Limbach GmbH the assistance of a middle-class pilot with his know-how both from the point of view of the entrepreneurs and from the point of view of the responsible administrations and authorities.

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