Training start 2016

Dear customers and suppliers,
I introduce myself to you today: My name is Djellza Demiraj and I am 19 years old. On 01.08.2016 I started my apprenticeship as industrial clerk at Walter Limbach GmbH. After completing my college degree, it soon became clear to me that I had every opportunity in this profession to learn the commercial and business processes of a company, such as materials management, sales, marketing, as well as personnel, finance and accounting.
In a medium-sized company such as Walter Limbach GmbH, I have the opportunity during my training time to be able to deal with all these important tasks in a flexible sequence and also unconventional teaching methods. I particularly like that I am sitting in the middle of the action and on a working day not only constantly busy with the same tasks.
In the course of my apprenticeship I would like to grow into an active and competent employee so that I, the customer and supplier, can be meaningfully available as future contact person.
My instructors attach great importance to a varied, flexible and extensive education.
The industrial clerk / woman is one of the most frequently chosen training occupations in Germany. That's because the future professionals are working in many fallow areas. They are the linchpin in the company and hold many strings in the hands.
I am looking forward to the far-sighted and interesting training period at my training company Walter Limbach GmbH.

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