Special machine construction - a pump goes on trips

News from our special machinery: On behalf of the company WEIG Karton, Mayen we have the substructure for a pump with drive completely manufactured and assembled. Due to the enormous weight of 17 tons and the dimensions of 3100 x 2450 x 2000 mm, a low loader had to be organized for the short return journey ...

The steel structure went through several departments in our home, First, all components were in steel construction assembled and welded. The mechanical processing took place on our Zayer milling machining center, on which we can work pieces with a length of 12000mm x 3700mm x 1500mm with a piece weight of 20 tons. Then everything was completely assembled, drive, clutch, pulley and pump. A strong performance of 17,000 kg for the Limbach GmbH in special machine construction.



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