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With repair we help your company save costs.

Repair and repair are a sign of economic reason.

In the optimization and repair of almost all machines and machine parts and where welding is a problem, we are your right partner. One of the focal points is the refurbishment of casings, rotors, control gears and impellers of vacuum and centrifugal pumps up to 20,000 kg in weight. We can help to significantly improve the quality of the part to be machined and reduce the wear and tear by using high-grade materials and protecting it Processing technology leads to a profitable regeneration process for you.

State-of-the-art CNC technology is used after the mechanical and thermal cleaning has been completed. This is followed by manual coating with high-quality, shrink-free and abrasion-resistant 2-component material or plastic coatings. This procedure is used for repairs and preventive maintenance.

Particularly stressed parts are already coated when new for protection against abrasion and corrosion. For the areas in which welding is not desired, we have developed a technique that improves the repair of cavities, depressions and holes, cracks, corrosion damage and cavitation.

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