"Refugees welcome" - Refugees become trainees

The German refugee policy is currently discussed extremely controversial and often turns out to be a difficult topic. Since it seems convenient that in the personnel area also positive about chances and possibilities of refugees is reported in Germany. More and more companies are creating programs to integrate young and skilled refugees into the world of work - usually through an internship.

Together with the Lebenshilfe Mayen allows the Limbach GmbH Mustapha from Gambia gives an insight into the apprenticeship metalman. Mustapha has already worked as a welder on his way to Europe in some countries.

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In many sectors, the decade-long decline in the birth rate is increasingly causing a drop in apprentices. Especially small and medium-sized businesses are increasingly putting this under pressure. In the search for capable trainees, it pays off for companies to look beyond the usual recruiting procedures. Refugees living in Germany have a large number of young people with a high level of motivation, determination and readiness to work - qualities that people have to prove when they leave their own country in spite of imponderable risks Future worry.

We are very pleased that we could give Mustapha the opportunity to give an insight into the profession of metal worker's training.

Mustapha stays with the Limbach GmbH not the only foreign intern. Already at the beginning of May, we welcome a young man from Spain for a long-term internship in our house for two months.


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