Machinery and plant engineering

We make water flow uphill for you

Your specialist for screw conveyors, screw conveyors, rotary valves and cooling screws for over 50 years

Continuity in market development, reliability and profitability of our products and services prove themselves every day worldwide in a wide variety of industries. We manufacture and repair for the paper industry, rolling mills, aluminum extrusion industry, pharmaceutical and chemical industry, power plants, waste incineration plants, environmental technology industry, sewage sludge treatment plants, recycling industry, pyrolysis plants, building materials and plastics industry, coal gasification plants, metallurgy, mining, Food and feed industry.

Innovative solutions for machinery and plant engineering

Machines turning

For individual individual production, for rational mass production in small or large quantities, in our modern CNC-controlled machining centers, the highest quality is the standard.

We manufacture demonstrable precision and convincing quality with advanced technology. Our processing machines have a wide range of services.

Steel construction Limbach machines

As a specialist welding company, we manufacture all types of steel structures, which are performed by certified welders.

Feeding, mixing, dosing of all types of bulk materials even under the most difficult conditions ... we have the right solution for you.

In the optimization and repair of almost all machines and machine parts and where welding is a problem, we are your right partner.

In special machine construction and large machine construction, we manufacture high quality machine parts for a wide variety of industries. We plan customer-oriented, assemble and commission the machines.

We educate: Metal construction specializing in construction engineering and precision mechanics